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Food and Wine

The food

Piedmont is rich in typical products, that have been awarded by European Union of the quality labels DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin) and IGP (Protected Geographic Indication). DOP is a label of quality given to the foods whose quality depends on the territory where they are produced. IGP is a quality label for agricultural and alimentary products whose quality is related to a precis geographical zone of production and/or elaboration. 
In Piedmont one can also find characteristic products that make its food variety exquisite and unique. The regional recipes are made unique by the use of characteristic products, as truffle, Barbera, Barolo and cheeses. Rices and fresh pastas are enriched by the use of truffle, as in the case of "ravioli del Plin col tartufo", the meat stews as "brasato alla barbera o al barolo" and the "ris in cagnon" (rice with melted cheese).

Between the delicatessen of Acqui, the salami “filetto baciato” is reccomended to the finest palates due to its ancient recipe. This salami is made of the core of pork fillet and under-fillet, salted and perfumed, rolled in pure swine salami paste and covered with bowels. The natural and slow ageing realized in a particular climate at 750 meters above sea level gives to the product a fine smell and a softness difficult to imitate.

Between the puddings: the amaretto, the acquese al rhum and nougat. The amaretto is produced with an ancient recipe with local almonds known as “Saccarelle”, sweet almonds, sour almonds, sugar and fresh egg white. The birth of the "Acquesi al Rhum” dates back to the fifties; it is a chocolate of chestnut cream, nuts paste, dark chocolate and rum. The nougat is made of toasted nut, egg white, honey and sugar.